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More about Catharine

~Designs are created by Catharine Chalmers with a mix of her heritage and love of life experiences~ I was introduced how to draw our native art in middle school, this was an option we could choose for an elective in highschool. I enjoyed drawing and was looking forward to joining. My teacher was Jack Hudson throughout my highschool years until I graduated. By time I graduated I had created lot's of drawings that where painted and carved plaques.   After high school, I designed for family & friends that I had given as a personal gift, requests for gifts for giveaways & regalia designs.  Now I can create my art digitally & all my designs are create by me from beginning to print. The exciting part of this is now...

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New Adventures

We are happy to be trying something new. Hoping you will all enjoy our designs! Please keep a look out for to see what our future images and items.

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